Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

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Prof. Bob Fox, Vice-Chancellor (Education), University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia

Bob Fox教授,副校长(教育部门),悉尼新南威尔士大学,澳大利亚

Research Area:  learning and teaching innovation and change in higher education; technological practice and curriculum change; blended, mobile and open learning

研究领域:教学的创新和高等教育的变革; 技术实践和课程变更; 混合、移动和开放式学习

Title: Educational Innovation Beyond Technology: A Tool for Teacher Capability Building in Innovative Practices


Educational innovation in this study is articulated through a Dimensions of Educational Innovation framework. The framework identifies types and levels of innovation before and after the implementation of a major revision/creation of a new course. The five dimensions of innovation explore: Teacher roles 2. Student roles, 3. Technology roles, 4. Communities and 5. Impact (Figure 1). A 5-point scale of innovativeness identifies the magnitude of the change in practices to each of the five dimensions. The 5-point scale is a line of continuum: from alignment with existing educational practices to the most innovative practices. The extent of movement away from existing practices includes specific differences in the course as well as differences in organizational routines, values, established social relationships in the ecology of educational practices and takes into account issues of scalability, transferability and sustainability. The 5-point scale of innovativeness are: 1. Existing pedagogical practices; 2. Some new elements; 3. Emergent pedagogical practice; 4. Innovative; and 5. Most Innovative.

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Assoc.Prof. William Yeoh, Deakin University, Australia

William Yeoh副教授,迪肯大学,澳大利亚

Research Area:  Business Intelligence & Analytics; Crowdsourcing; Cloud Computing; Information Systems

研究领域:商业智能与分析; 众包; 云计算; 信息系统

Title: Learning Analytics for Enhanced Students Performance


Dr Yeoh will present a case study based on the recently conducted learning analytics research. Using a large data set acquired from a postgraduate course offered at an Australian university, the research explores the students’ online quiz completion patterns and the impact of instructional time constraint on online mastery learning. Specifically, utilizing two-phase analytics, the study explores and visualizes students’ online quiz completion patterns and its association with their final examination performance.