Welcome Assoc. Prof. Ishak H.A MEDDAH from Ecole Supérieure en Informatique, Algeria to be Committee Member!  

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Assoc. Prof. Ishak H.A MEDDAH, Ecole Supérieure en Informatique, Algeria 

Research Area:

Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Distributed Computing Systems

Research Experience:

In 2011, he got his Master degree in computer sciences from Mohamed BOUDIAF Science and Technology University Oran (USTO-MB). In February 2018, he gained his Ph.D. degree on Information Systems Engineering field of study under the same university. Later, in September 2018, he got recruited as an Assistant Professor in Ecole Supèrieure en Informatique, Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria. A year later, he was qualified to an Associate Professor. His research areas include cloud computing, Fog Computing, big data, in addition to Process Mining, and he is a reviewer of many international journals, and conferences.