Welcome Prof. Yang Jie ​from Zunyi Normal University to be Committee Member!

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Prof. Yang Jie, Zunyi Normal University, China

Research Area:

Data mining, Granular computing, Rough sets

Research Experience:

[1] Yang Jie, Wang Guoyin, Zhang Qinghua. Knowledge Distance Measure in Multigranulation Spaces of Fuzzy Equivalence Relations. Information Sciences, 2018(448-449): 18-35. 
[2] Yang Jie, Wang Guoyin, Zhang Qinghua, et al. Knowledge Distance Measure for the Multi-granularity Rough Approximations of a Fuzzy Concept. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, doi: 10.1109/TFUZZ.2019.2914622. 
[3] Yang Jie, Wang Guoyin, Zhang Qinghua , et al. Optimal Granularity Selection Based on Cost-Sensitive Sequential Three-Way Decisions with Rough Fuzzy Sets. Knowledge-Based Systems, 2019(163), 131-144. 
[4] Yang Jie, Xu Taihua, Zhao Fan. Modified Uncertainty Measure of Rough Fuzzy Sets From the Perspective of Fuzzy Distance. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2018. 
[5] Xu Taihua, Yang Jie*, Gou Guanglei. A Force-directed Algorithm for Drawing Directed Graphs Symmetrically. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2018. 
[6] 杨洁,王国胤, 刘群,等. 正态云模型研究回顾与展望,计算机学报,2018,41(3):724-744