Welcome Dr. Jihane Benmassoud from Cadi Ayyad university, Morocco to be Committee Member! 

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Dr. Jihane Benmassoud, Cadi Ayyad university, Morocco 

Research Area: 

Education, English curriculum, Strong verbal communication

Research Experience:

Jihane, B and Fatima, K. (2019). “The Depiction of Gender in Moroccan Pop Lyrics”. International Journal of Applied Language and Cultural Studies.

Lamiae, A and Jihane, B. “Gender and Development: The Case of Moroccan Women in Leadership Positions”. Gender Studies Curriculum at Moroccan Universities: A Compendium of Recourses. Sultane Moulay
Slimane, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah, Morocco.
Jihane Benmassoud. (2017). “Language Gender and Power in Media Interviews: A Case Study”. Acts of the study day in memory of Fatima Mernissi, Moulay Ismail University. Meknes.
Jihane Benmassoud. (2015). “Talk Control in English Intervews: An Analysis of Turn Taking, Interruption, Opening and Closing”. Lambert Academic publishing, Germany.
Fatima, L and Jihane, B. (2018). “The Status of Women in Higher Education in Morocco”. An Interdisciplinary Reader, Dar Al Maha, London.
Fatima, K and Jihane, B. (2017). “Developing Lesson Plans for Visually Impaired Students of English”. International Journal on New Trends in Education and Their Implications, Vol 8 (2), pp. 26-34.
Jihane, B and Fatima, K. (2019). “The Representation of Gender in the Moroccan Curriculum: Primary Level Textbooks as a Case Study”. Moulay Ismail University.
Jihane, B and Mehdi, E. (2019). “Teaching Multilevel Classrooms: The Case Study of High Schools in Morocco”.